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"Sippin' chocolate martinis in the month of May..."

This was a fun one. Hank Freeman called and wanted a non-traditional love song done "island style" for his wife Nancy. He wanted something that would take her away whenever she listened to it. She loves chocolate martini's, steel drums and Jimmy Buffet.

The song starts with how they met. One of the things touched upon at this point is how they listened to Elvis together on their first date. Years later Elvis was what they chose for their wedding song. The King of Rock-N-Roll also makes an appearence in the first verse of Nancy's Custom Love Song.

"Nancy" also touches upon more things they enjoy together (their love of the ocean and cruises, a new beach house, going to concerts together at the "Arts Center", her new Harley Davidson etc...).

This is my top package with full production. Came out great. The photograph is from a private performance a year after Nancy first received her song.  Hank surprised her for Valentine's Day :-)

Click on the link below to hear "Nancy"



"At Trump Marina we would meet"

This song was for Marlene and Frank Dominico.  A few years back Frank was alone and his kids took and ad out in Philadelphia Magazine that was titled "Meet the real Sleepless In Seattle".  They hoped he would find someone but it appeared he hadn't found anyone from that ad and gave up trying. 

However, months later a family friend introduced him to Marlene and they fell deeply in love neither one realizing at the time that she had written to the "Sleepless" ad and never got a response. 

It turns out one day he found those old letters from the ad and he recognized her handwriting.  They and all their friends and family couldn't believe their eyes. 

Their first date was at Trump Marina, followed by many more dates there and eventually the two of them got married there as well.  Who thought Donald Trump would ever make an appearance in a love song ;-)

One And Only Love



James wanted to propose...



The idea was to surprise his girlfriend Lori with a song about how they met and how their relationship progressed over the years.  Towards the end of the song she would be asked to marry him.


Their song (�First Year�) tells the story of how they met, had a brief intense month of dating when they first met in college, and how James then went his own way for the next two years dating other people.


Two years after they broke up, James realized he made the mistake of his life by letting her go.


He asked if she would consider taking him back.  Lori�s response was that James would have to show her �The Moon the Stars, and The Sun� after breaking her heart the first time.  Hence the theme for the song.


He did show her all of those things and how dedicated he was to her on a special night he planned for her in Magnolia, Massachusetts.  He won her heart back that night.


Years later they returned to their special place in Magnolia, and he proposed to her with the song.  She said yes, and their song went on to have lasting meaning that he never could have expected. 


To hear James and Lori's song �First Year� click the link below.

First Year



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I'll Always Be


Love Me Forever

The Note

My Rock


Our Gold Medalist This is a clip of a Bat Mitzvah song for Marc Byron's daughter Lexi Rose.  Marc wanted her song to go through a range of musical styles from mellow to rock. We created an epic piece that has many twists and turns!



Dancin' In The Light Sylvania Light Bulb's National Campaign.  Co-Produced by Brian Alex

All One  This is the theme song to the Tom Berenger/Stephen Baldwin movie "Cutaway" written and produced by Brian Alex

This Old House  Theme to PBS television show "This Old House".  New Orleans season.

The People Poll  A piece used on Mix 98.5FM in Boston for their "People Poll Contest"

Room To Grow Song written for Room To Grow.  A non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of babies born into poverty throughout their critical first three years of development.

Funky Vibe  Song for LA based clothing line "Tail Bait"

Jolly Green Giant  This is a children's piece about not judging a book by it's cover

Fresh Helping to make daily hygiene fun again :-)

Lucky Just To Be Alive  This one is a feel good song about being grateful for life... go on, click the link!


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