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Comments about Custom Love Songs and composer Brian Alex


Brian Alex has an amazing talent, and a fortunate few are able to share it.

Thanks to him families, lovers and friends around the world are experiencing the opportunity of a lifetime - expressing their true feelings through the gift of song.

Lincoln F. Jackson Vice President and Publisher of The Robb Report Collection


Dear Brian,

They say a picture tells a thousand words.

The song you produced for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah shared a million emotions. When we started the project, a mere three weeks before the event, you said we would produce a 3 minute song.  When we were done, your tireless efforts produced a ten minute melodic history of her entire beautiful young life.

As you know, I matched your song up to video and pictures taken from my daughter's birth all the way through to material from as late as several days before the event.  Together the video and pictures made a montage the likes of which really affected people emotionally (most importantly her) in ways they have trouble describing.  People laughed, people cried.  People were mesmerized by the beauty of the song, the passion with which it was sung and the story that it told.  If I heard it once I've heard numerous times-they've never seen or heard anything like it.

Most importantly my daughter cherishes her song, plays it for everybody, including her friends who think it is not only the most wonderful gift parents could give their daughter but they think it is "cool".  My daughter Jenna tells me that she listens to the song so she can feel how much we love her.  For my wife and me, that's game over, meaning nothing could be better.

I want to express my appreciation to you.  Your intensity, passion for your work, commitment to excellence and perfection and your incredible range of musical talent made all the difference in this life long gift to my daughter. And it is a life long gift.

As you know I have two other daughter's a few years younger.  I look forward to working with you on their songs as they tell me they can't wait to hear what we come up with for them. 

Thank you for making a real difference in our lives through your music.

With warmest regard,

Marc Byron Chairman of the Board-Tranzact Inc.



From a thought to the final song it was a great pleasure to work with you.

You not only captured my feelings but translated them into a beautiful song.

Your beautiful voice created a very special song that my wife loves.

Thank you

Alfredo Brener Ceo-Breco Holdings Inc.



Dear Brian,

Thank you so much for your tremendous efforts as well as your willingness to work over the holiday weekend to get this completed.  I am thrilled with how it is coming along and only hope that Kim will be half as excited as I.

Thank you again.

Gary M. Weiner Attorney at Law-Ralph Weiner and Associates



My husband is very, very big on over-the-top gifts. Every year he presents me with jewels that rival Catherine the Great. I have more jewelry that I can wear in a lifetime. I'm talking big-time stuff, an antique emerald bracelet that Eva Peron wore. But you could take the safe in our home and empty it. . . . Nothing could top this song, nothing."

Marlene Dominico



I cried off and on for three days.  Brian was like a stethoscope to my husband's heart. I was able to hear what was inside him, things I probably never would have heard. A car or a diamond would pale in comparison to this.

Lisa Auricchio



Thank you so very much for the song you wrote. 

I love it!
It has to be the best present I've ever received. 

THANK YOU for taking all the time and effort and especially for delivering it in time for Christmas (WAY beyond the call of duty!)......

Wishing you the happiest New Year! 

Rita Mahan



It is every girls' dream to have a song written about her.  Brian Alex has a unique talent of putting words and feelings together with beautiful music.

You can feel the emotion in his lyrics, and his magical voice is meant to sing romantic love songs.

To have a song written just for you is a gift that lasts a lifetime, it is an exciting way to record a story about the person you love.

My song is a gift that I will cherish forever.

Jodi Sokoloff



Lori's grandfather passed away last week.  He had been struggling with cancer for a long time but it finally got the best of him.   One thing that brought a smile to my face and obviously made me think of you was this.  After we put the engagement song on CD, Lori shared it with all of her family (of course) including her grandfather. 

Well come to find out, she ended up giving him one of the copies because he loved it soooo much. According to Lori's relatives, he would play it day in and day out, never once getting tired of it. 

I just thought you should hear this story.  I thought you should know the effects that the song had, and the people it affected.  It turned out to be the one thing that brought peace and calm to an old man fighting with the pain of an awful cancer.  I just thought it was amazing how we set out to do one thing, accomplished it, she said yes, but never fathomed the other great things that would come from it.

James McPartlin



Wow! I never, the past 3 years I've known Melissa, seen her as emotional as she was listening to her song tonite.  She cried and cried thru most of the song. I got emotional too watching her reaction.

She loved it, Brian! She thought it captured all the important elements of our relationship. She told me it was the most special gift she has ever received. She said we both did a great job putting it together. She loved your vocals, the lyrics and the beautiful melody. Bravo!!

Thank you again for making our anniversary an event we will always remember.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

Linda :)



There are talented musicians, singers, and really great songwriters. Brian Alex is blessed with all three of these gifts in one person.

Brian's songs have the ability to transport you through a full range of the human experience. From euphoric playful upliftment, to the deep longings of a perfect love lost forever.

All of this is accomplished through arrangements and vocals that are original, hip and make you feel good.

Brian's voice is soulful, whether he's singing upbeat or a ballad, the quality of his voice is rich, smooth, and gets the point of the song right into you. His musicianship is equally as solid.

Experience his music for yourself, and see why I and so many other people love his music.

Kathy Glass



Hi Brian,
I wanted to let you know how much Chris loved that song.  I had him so confused since I didn't tell him....He first started to hear the beginning of the song "a football sunday" and said "how did you FIND this song?"...then he heard SEPTEMBER 30, 2007 and had a smile from ear to ear :-) 

He absolutely LOVES the song...We can not STOP listening to it!!!  It was great because he just got done telling a guest at the wedding how we met then the song came on.  It was such special moment of our wedding day.  Chris would like to call you sometime this week if that is OK?  Thank you again for turning our special story into a perfect musical version!!!!  You are the BEST~~~~
Jane Patella


To speak with Brian Alex about creating your Custom Love Song call or email at:

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